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Coaches and Support Staff

Dayle Joseph [Head Coach]

Sponsored by: F45


Aaron Ducas [Assistant Coach]

Sponsored by: Dukes Museum


Scott Rubery [Assistant Coach]

Sponsored by: 

Michael Surtees [Assistant Coach]

Sponsored by: 

Jasmyn Bowley [Assistant Coach]


 Joseph Bertolini [Team Manager]

Sponsored by:

Brendan Jones [Physiotherapist]

Sponsored by: Chapman Physiotherapy

Maria Issac [Physiotherapist]

Sponsored by: 


Jarrod Purcher [Water Technician]

Sponsored by: 

Nerolie Gerreyn [Buccs Administrator]

Sponsored by: 


Sponsored by: 

Natasha Gilmartin [Home Photographer]

Sponsored by: 

Aimee Wedgewood [Away Photographer]

Sponsored by: 

Phil Ralph [Bus Driver]

Sponsored by:

Eric Cooper [Bus Driver]

Sponsored by:

Ry LeFevre [Away Team Manager]

Sponsored by:


Working Committee

Nerolie Gerreyn

Paula Purcher

Paul Kerr

Jason McCarthy

Phil Ralph

Joseph Bertolini

Natalie LeFevre

Brett Giles

Mel Ashcroft

Andrea Ducas

Andrew Hortsman


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